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Dental alloys made in Germany

Ador Global is a distribution partner of Ador Edelmetalle GmbH, which has been supplying the German dental market with high-quality dental alloys since 1994. As a competent and innovative partner of dental depots, wholesalers and OEM we offer non-precious metal alloys for all indications.

We are one of the few worldwide manufacturers to supply non-precious metal products from our own production in Germany. We can therefore guarantee consistently high quality.

The term dental alloy covers all alloys used in dentistry for dental prostheses (prosthetics).

The range of application includes the fabrication of crowns, dental bridges and telescopes via clasps and retentions or even the soldering of metal joints. As simple as it sounds to mix components such as metals to form an alloy, the actual effort involved is far more complex. When choosing the materials and the right composition, it is important to consider individually for each patient that the material excludes any kind of metal allergy and thus demonstrates biocompatibility. It is important to avoid material incompatibilities that could be caused by the dental prosthesis or implants.

A first distinction is made between precious and non-precious metal alloys.

Ador Analog

As the basic building block and medium of handcrafted dental restorations, the analog manufacturing form represents an indispensable foundation of the dental market. Whether precious or non-precious metal, the range is huge and the requirements are often very specific and individually adapted to each patient. The areas of application range from crowns, inlays and small bridges to large bridges, implant-supported superstructures and model casting.

As a manufacturer and specialist, we have always offered you the highest quality alloys adapted to market requirements since our founding and accompany you through your application areas with our competent and dedicated team. Immerse yourself in the classic world of dental alloys and be surprised by the variety. We always offer you the best service and friendly support for all our products.

Ador Print

3D printing technology is revolutionising the dental industry. It gives you the ability to print a wide variety of indications and biocompatible materials. Thanks to high printing accuracy and efficient applications, results can be delivered faster and with improved accuracy of fit – often on the same day.

The right 3D printer and materials will help grow your business by introducing time-saving workflows for prosthetics and orthodontics.

AdorPrint is your partner in dental 3D printing. With us you will find reliable materials and equipment for the practice, the laboratory or the central production. Together we will analyse your needs today, take tomorrow’s challenges into account and work out your suitable concept.

Innovative solutions from Germany. Qualitative. Competent. So that you can simply print better. That is what we are committed to. That’s what we burn for!

Hello DMAX

Not all zirconium oxide is the same. Unfortunately this is difficult to see from the outside on a white disc. The decisive factor is what is inside! Pure quality raw materials, a controlled manufacturing process coordinated with know-how and meticulous quality control ultimately lead to consistent milling, accuracy of fit and natural colors. Every time – over and over again!

These principles combined with an unbelievable innovative power is what our partner DMAX Solutions from Korea lives by. With a passionate team, the zirconium oxide manufactory develops clever solutions which, by increasing effectiveness and quality, are one step ahead of the ever new challenges in the dental market. We are enthusiastic about this philosophy and the products – and you will be too!