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The SLM procedure

Selective laser melting

Probably the most modern method of manufacturing dental prostheses at present is selective laser melting or SLM for short. In selective laser melting, the dental alloy to be processed is built up in powder form in thin layers. The powdered dental alloy is completely remelted locally by laser beam and forms a solid material layer after solidification. The 3D design data for the laser is provided by the appropriate CAD software.

When the powder has cooled and solidified on the component contours, the base plate is lowered by the amount of one layer thickness and the powdered dental alloy is applied again. This cycle is repeated accordingly until all layers have melted over. One argument for this additive manufacturing process is the high specific density of the finished components. No additional tools or moulds are required and only as much material is used as is needed for production. Excess material can be reprocessed. With this process, you can create shapes of any complexity, save resources and protect the environment. The excess powder can then be processed without loss of quality and unused metal powder can be easily recycled.

Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is a derivative of metallurgy, which is essentially concerned with the production of metal powders and their further processing. The manufacturing process is characterized by the mechanical compaction of metal powders in forming tools or pressing and sintering of the blank at high temperatures or hot rolling into a block. The results are solid, fine-structured semi-finished or finished parts.