Primetime in the Laboratory

DMAX Hybrid sets new standards in the laboratory. The innovative material stands for the highest aesthetics and quality for all indications: 

From single tooth restorations to 14-unit bridges. The creativity and flexibility are retained, because DMAX Hybrid  is compatible with all common processing techniques. As a true “all-rounder”, DMAX Hybrid will increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the laboratory.

High-end aesthetics and idel strenghts

Combines lithium disilicate aesthetics, antagonist-gentler abrasion and high strength

Full flexibility in use

All processing techniques possible, such as painting, cut-back, veneering and infiltration techniques

All indications

From the crown to the complete 
restoration of the jaw. Flexural strength: 1,200 – 800MPa Fracture toughness2:> 5 MPa · m1 / 2

All colors and heights

Available in 16 A – D colors and 14-25mm high

Economical and efficent

Reduces the complexity of selecting and storing the right material


As a “one-disc solution”, DMAX Hybrid meets all requirements for modern zirconium oxide restorations. It significantly reduces the need for material selection and increases efficiency in everyday laboratory work. 


The innovative filling technology for the two raw materials 3Y-TZP *  and 5Y-PSZ * enables   a   seamless, layer-free color,  translucency and strength course within the restoration.

49% translucency + 800 MPa strength thanks to 5Y-PSZ *  in the incisal area, where a high translucency and  gentler strength is indicated.

Transition zone : Seamless, layer-free transition

43% translucency + 1,200 MPa strength thanks to 3Y-TZP *  in the neck area, where the stresses on the restorations are greatest and very high strength and a higher opacity for covering is desired. 


Due to its high stability, DMAX Hybrid covers all common indications. From single tooth restorations to complete arch bridges and also allows reduced material layer thicknesses for preparations that are gentle on the substance.