The smart multilayer solution

DMAX Smart Multilayer is currently the cleverest solution for an economical zirconium oxide system.

With just one zirconia disc, multilayer restorations can be fabricated in 16 AD shades and in 3D master shades. This reduces storage to a minimum and increases  flexibility and efficiency for the production of restorations with a natural color gradient. The strength and translucency allow a variety of indications (single tooth restoration  up to 14-unit bridges) easily and economically produced with DMAX Smart Multilayer  .

Extremely economical

Significantly lower storage costs, since only one white multilayer is necessary

Large variety of colors

Available in 16 A – D and 3D master colors as well as effect colors for individualization

Ideal ratio of strength and translucency

The 4Y-TZP raw material enables a material with an ideal ratio of tetragonal and cubic phases of zirconium oxide

All indications

From the crown to the complete restoration: thanks to a flexural strength of 1,100 MPa and fracture toughness2:> 10 MPa · m1 / 2

Fast natural aesthetics

7 layers ensure a natural color gradient – with a diameter of 98.3 mm and heights of 10 mm to 25 mm


The DMAX Smart Multilayer consists of seven layers of white 4Y-TZP zirconium oxide. Each of these layers absorbs different amounts of the   dye liquid during the immersion process. This creates a natural color gradient after sintering.  The infiltration fluids are available in 16 AD and as 3D master colors.  Further characterization is flexibly possible with the effect colors using the brush technique.


Due to its high stability, DMAX Smart covers all common indications. From single tooth restorations to complete arch bridges and also allows reduced material layer thicknesses for preparations that are gentle on the substance.